Wednesday, April 22, 2009

putting one foot in front of the other

So I've made some small progress in my running habits this month. Previously I was running a 3 mile loop and I was struggling a bit with it. I don't know if it was the route itself, or my lack of enthusiasm, or what. I joined an expat group here in my town and posted in the forums to see if anyone would be interested in running with me in the evenings. I managed to get a handful of positive responses and so we'll be having our inaugural run this evening.

I did also hear from a woman who is a bit of a long distance runner. I think I immediately knew that I could not manage running with her, but she shared her long and short loop routes with me, and both happen to run right past my house. So about 3 weeks ago I decided to give it a shot and ran the short loop, which is 5 miles. I finished it in just over an hour and felt thrilled with myself for doing it, and without really struggling. So I haven't went back to my old route since then, and with tonight's run of just over 5 miles, I'm beginning to feel like this is something that I could really start to enjoy as a hobby.

Where am I going with this? heh. Well I've decided to sign up for a 10k in May.
I realize it's not a huge distance but I'm pleased that I'm already to a point where running a 5k would seem like too small a challenge. I have 24 days to run and condition myself and I'm really excited about it.


tabbycat said...

Alright! Good luck!

Di Mackey said...

Hey babe, I'm back for a couple of days and loved reading that you're into this. Proud proud proud of you xxxx

Mlle said...

Thanks! I hurt my back working out, so yesterday I was basically a cripple, but I'm back in action today :) My back has bad timing...

1979 semi-finalist said...

I don't know if you've read far enough back in my blog to have seen any posts about running, but basically this post of yours makes me super jealous.

Secretly deep inside I'm a runner. I even dream about it - me running with these long lean rhythmic strides - alas the universe has poured me into the wrong body for that. Even at my thinnest (not now) I suspect my knees would snap off if I tried to be runner.

Anyway, way to make that all about me, right? Congratulations - this is a huge cool deal.

One question - why do people who like running and who start taking it seriously always end up signing up for "10k runs" and such - what's the appeal...I've never understood it?