Friday, June 12, 2009

flip & tumble

There are a few things that I do enjoy in life, and if the recipe is right, I like it even more. In this case, the recipe is equal parts: affordability, style, innovation, practicality

flip and tumble have designed these super cool reusable and well designed bags that come in a lot of colors and patterns (style)

they are quite affordable at 9 USD for 1 to 3 bags, 8 USD if you buy 3 to 6, and 7 USD for 7 or more (this earns them high scores for being affordable but ALSO for great marketing)

the detail that ultimately sold me, is the fact that they fold up into a peach sized ball in a matter of seconds (holy crap practical!) So you never have an excuse for leaving it at home.

Unless you're in Norway or Japan, you'll have to make your purchase online. In the US, you can get up to 7 bags for a flat shipping rate of 4 USD. International purchasers have to go through the order process before they can find out how much it will cost.

for boys too!


1979 semi-finalist said...

Wow. I am so sold.

Anonymous said...

see, but then this irks me about americans and brits. their amazing discovery of the reusable foldable bag! they've been selling these in holland for EONS! they started promoting people bring their own bags back in the 80s! seriously, hop over to the hema and you'll find a variety of these easy to carry reusable bags for under 10 bucks all over the place.

Mlle said...

Yes, you are very right on that Mieke... in the US, especially in suburban areas, reusable bags have only been sold at the stores over the past few years and STILL, there is no limit on plastic bags where a lot of people double bag for some reason! In NY, there are still plastic bags, but I think a lot of people opt for the canvas bag simply because it's a lot easier and more secure to carry food across town.
I was shocked when I arrived in Belgium to find no bags in stores, and here too... I do like that a lot.

Anonymous said...

i'm hoping the eu will ban plastic bags, just like they did with the regular light bulb (they're to be phased out per 2012 or even earlier) and are planning to do with all those different cell phone chargers, they're trying to force the industry to produce one charger so people don't have to get new ones with every other phone (since the output is the same). it's the best way to force people to byob(ag).

Mlle said...

I wish they'd ban them in the US. I am SO sick and tired of American complacency or total ignorance even... it's just such a consumer driven nation and no one gives a second thought to things like that. If these huge supermarkets followed the model that's here, it would positively affect millions of people, since hey, we ALL buy food. Sigh.

Well I'll keep doing my best to be proactive and always remember to bitch and complain about it when I see fit.