Friday, June 12, 2009

sugary goodness

donuts... mmmh. Admittedly, I don't go out of my way to eat donuts, but there's a bit of me that will always have a soft side for them. I think in America they're a lot more popular, so it could be a cultural thing although I did see some crazy orange donuts here in the Netherlands around Queen's Day, so who knows really. You'll have to check back in the future for my follow up post,"The Origin of the Donut"

Anyway, I was over at Web Designer Wall and found out that they're having a Breadou donut giveaway! At first glance I thought, uh, how do you mail donuts? But then I read on and saw that Breadou donuts aren't for eating, they're actually squishy little rests for your wrist when you're on the 'puter. An odd detail that I should mention here, is that it actually smells like real bread. I'm not a huge fan on non food items (candles, incense, memory foam wrist rests) smelling like food, but these are so awesome looking that I felt compelled to share the link here so you can try to snag one!

Post a comment on their site by June 26th to enter.

FYI: Breadou also sells their product line via their website. If you want double wrist support, try their Breadou Loaf and if you have a temper, you may like their stress roll.

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