Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a country of retards

What's wrong with America? Just looking at that sentence makes me think I should write a weekly post bearing that name... because baby, my list is loooong.

The other day I looked on the Yahoo page and below was the list of top searches for the day. Now I'll admit, it probably has something to do with the fact that it's Yahoo. I'm going to look at some other popular web pages to see if the results are equally pathetic.

Today's Top Searches

  1. Aaron Rodgers (sports guy)
  2. Jennifer Love Hewitt (ok.. what has this chick done recently to be #2? Is she in FHM this month or something?)
  3. Julia Roberts
  4. Steve Fossett (aviation adventurer... cool job title)
  5. Financial Planning (just a thought.. the people who write that stuff are so smart. We spend millions on books to learn how to get out of debt, and yet.. do you know ANY Americans with no debt? 2 + 2 = 5)
  6. Christmas Lights
  7. Joe Paterno (sports guy)
  8. Chili Recipes (hello? randomness?)
  9. Buddhism
  10. Amtrak

Hrmm... a top ten list based on where people's heads are and the last 3 are chili, Buddhism, and Amtrak.

I'm speechless.


Di Mackey said...

Maybe it's better to check out the top 10 on the NY Times, although they surprise me sometimes too ...

Di Mackey said...

P.S. today, go out and buy 'eat pray love' by elizabeth gilbert, if you haven't already read it xxxxxxx

Mlle said...

I know.. I thought I would check a few different sources, just to be fair... but I still stand behind my retard statement.

I will check out the book.. a lot of people have told me it's delicious. xoxox

Di Mackey said...

Excellent! You can imagine how that sounds, since I think it sounds normal I can't do the phonetics of how a kiwi sounds.

I just finished the book and I'm about to read it again. I marked a lot of pages, I want to make sure they go in.

Freezing cold, grey fog day here ... missing the sun like nothing else.